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"I ordered 'Just a light box'. But I got a furniture quality illuminator. The hardwood makes me the talk of the lab! Great Job!"

Arron, Researcher, California

"Very impressed by the Back-Light. The first high quality light box designed to enhance room decor."

Phillip, Photographer, Illinois

"A neat box! The designer has solved the problems of configuration and construction elegantly."

Bruce, Illustrator and Designer, Michigan

"A very nicely made piece of equipment. It's a pleasure to see pride in a product shine through."

Linda, Pharmaceutical Researcher, New Jersey

"It's a rare instance, when a product I've ordered by mail actually exceeds my expectations. Your light box does just that!"

Bill, Photographer, New York

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What people use our light boxes for:
The following was compiled from users of Hall Productions light boxes. A long time ago, in a land far far away:
Graphic Art Alignment, Artwork, Calligraphy, Comps, Cut & Paste-up, Design, Drafting, Drawing, Graphs, Graphic Overlay, Image Inspection, Illustration, Layout: Brochure, Flyer, Magazine, Newsletter, Newspaper, Yearbook, Masking, Mechanicals, Page Visualization, Photography, Positives, Proofs, Proof Reading Aid, Ruby Cutting, QNXY Plate Line-up, Stripping, Tracing, Transfer, Transparency Viewing, Visual Displays Medical Colony Count, Drug Peak Matching, Electrophoresis Slides, Fluorography, Histological Slides, Layout, Lecture Preparation, Lymphocyte Antigen Typing, Negatives, Ophthalmic Plastic Lens Examination, Tissue Culture, Tray Plating, X-Ray Pharmaceutical Analytical Testing, Capsule Inspection, Chromatogram Overlay, Glass Defects, IR Overlay, Particulate ID, SDS, Sequencing Gels, Spectra overlay, Titration, TLC Plates Photographic Color Comparison, Color Correction, Darkroom, Kodachromes, Light Source, Lithography, Negatives, Photography, Positives, Retouching & Corrective, Slide Sorting, Transparencies Scientific Bauer Kirby Susceptibility Testing, Bacteria Plates, Biochemistry, Chart Recorder Output, Color Comparison of Solutions, Color End Titration, Colorimetric Assay in Microtitre Plates, Culture Organisms, Data Analysis, DNA Sequencing, Electron Density Map, Fluorography, Gels: Comparison, Electrophoresis, Illumination, Scanning, Sequencing, Slabs, Slicing, Stained, Page, Polyacrylamide, Protein Sequencing, Graphics, Histological Slides, HPLC Chart Analysis, Lecture Preparation, Molecular Biology, Neurogenetic Diseases, Northern Blots, Plaque Count, Plate Reading, Photobiology, Photomicrographs, Polarized Moisture Check, Root Count, Standard vs. Sample Matching, Teratology Skeletal Specimens, TLC Plates, Virus Plates, Vugraphs Miscellaneous Architecture, CCD TV Camera Film Projection, Computer Chip Design, Corn Kernel Inspection, Document Examination, Fiber & Dirt Count, Forensic Analysis, Fruit Identification, Gallery Use, Grading, Highway Design, Map Making, Marching Band Drill Charting, Microfilm, MTG Holes Component Mark-up, Nessler Tube Display, Photometric Lens Test, Patterns for Fabric, Picture Mounting, Plastic Pellet Inspection, Small Aquatic Organism Count, Stained Glass Color Selection, Sublimation...