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Photo of double decker light
Two level 12" by 18" light box. Equipped with polarized film used to inspect injection moldings for stress.

Photo of polarized light
12" by 18" polarized steel light box. Baked on white powder coating.

Photo of thin line light box.
Thin line light box 8" by 10" by 3" high.

Photo of light box for
shooting small product shots.
High frequency light box for taking small product photos, (above and below lighting).

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Photo of light box built for
camera installation.
Camera mounts at top of 10" by 12" light box for photographing transparencies. The transparencies are slid into the view area when placed on the lower shelf.

Photo of hinged front on light
Wall mounted 18" by 24" light box with a hinged face frame to hold transparencies.

Photo of rod inspection light
Rod inspection light box.

Photo of light
18" by 18" light box with maximum uniformity and dual fans for cooling.

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Photo of slant top light
Upright viewers. Used in dentistry. These have tracks for holding slides or x-rays.

Photo of oval light box for
display of sculpture.
Oval light box 20" by 24" for display of sculpture.

Photo of over head tranparency
viewer and light box combo.
10" by 10" light box for viewing prints and transparencies.

Photo of light box for
Pediatric Hospital.
Wall mounted light box for display of children's art in a pediatric hospital.

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Photo of light box for blood
Small viewer for blood inspection.

Photo of light box with metal
reflector and fan.
10" by 12" incandescent light box. For high intensity work. Equipped with aluminum reflector and fan for cooling. Special push ON switch.

Photo of light box with
18" by 36" light box with a shallow drawer.

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