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       Thank you for visiting our website about handcrafted light boxes, made from wood or steel. What has made us successful through the years is that Hall Productions strives for excellence in quality and service. We make furniture quality products.
       Hall Productions now offers twenty models of light boxes, from high-end to economy. Most models are available with LED lighting, providing low energy useage, long life and cool operation. As you know, there is a trend toward user friendly work environments. Our handcrafted solid wood and steel light boxes fill this need both attractively and functionally.
       If you need a different size or you have a special application for using a light box, let us know. We frequently do custom orders. No other manufacturer can offer this level of service. Nothing compares to our handcrafted light boxes. Contact your Lab Equipment Dealer, Biotechnology Supplier or call us at 1-805-473-1042.

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Items to be found on this website include LED lighting, LED light box, LED light boxes, custom wood light box, mail inspection light box, light boxes, economy light box and steel light box. Hall Productions also makes mailroom light boxes and handcrafted light boxes. Hall Productions is the original manufacturer of the Back Light light box. Another offering are light tables, pedestal light table, four poster light table, custom light table and industrial light table. If your looking for a light table in different sizes, consider hand made light tables from Hall Productions. Hall Productions can finish your light tables with different colors or stains. In addition we offer wood gifts, bench, furniture and other wood products.